The Words That Know No Language by Bella R.

Bella R., Staff Writer

My feet slide across the silky, smooth sand as I criticize my friend on his idiotic choice of footwear. “I mean -Come on! Who wears brand new sneakers to the beach?” “Well, I guess I do,” Jason replies smugly. He’s the stupidest best friend a girl can have. We continue our beautifully poi...  Read More »

The Little Mermaid by Liza M.

Breaking News! by Eric M.

Eric M, Staff Writer

Breaking news...a tragic event happened at 12 o’clock midnight Friday morning, September 16th.  A  local Tighe School resident, Eric M., had a huge fire at his home on Atlantic Avenue near the Margate Dairy Bar. The Martino family was sleeping very peacefully until the fire broke out. They awoke ...  Read More »

Jokes…heee, hee, haa, haa :)

Zak P., Andrew P., Staff Writer, SNO Tech man

A police officer walks up to a man and asks “Did you kill this man?” the man replies “No, he was killed by a bullet, bullets are made of led, led comes from the earth, the earth is part of nature, he died from natural causes CASE CLOSED!” Chuck Norris is so amazing, he sells trim...  Read More »

Tighe Students Walk the Red Carpet

Elizabeth M., Staff Writer

Students and staff alike are dressing in their finest for Eugene A. Tighe School's very own Formal Day.  The day will conclude with an all inclusive “Who Wore It Best?” and some challenging movie trivia.  ...  Read More »


Kelly D., Andrew P., Staff Writer, SNO Tech Man

I open up my eyes to see splashes of colors swirling around me. Blue mixed with green and black. About 100 circles all look at me and blink. I try to chase out the hypnotizing circles of color. What are they? Why are they looking at me?  Now all I can see is red and darkness. All the circles are dark black ...  Read More »

5th Grade Valentine’s Day and Winter Poems

Isabella G., Kelly D., Hillary P., Lilly F., Staff Writer

    Valentine’s Day is light pink and bright red. The color of roses and valentines. Valentine’s Day feels like soft rose petals falling off stems. It sounds like love is all around the room. It smells like perfume and chocolate. Valentine’s Day tastes like milk chocolate and white chocolate melting in your mouth. Valentine’s Day is a wonderf...  Read More »

Blazing Eyes

Bella R., Staff Writer

I sliced, fighting my way through them. I didn’t know what they were, but I fought. I shivered every time their blazing eyes burned into my ice blue ones. In my head, I started calling them E’s. That was the only way to describe them. I focused on the battle. They were easy to fight off, yes, but there...  Read More »


Kelly D., Hillary P., Andrew P., Elizabeth M., Staff Writer, Photographers, SNO Tech Man

Students at Tighe School showed their spirit as they celebrated Spirit Week January 25th through the January 29th. Each day had its own spirit theme: Monday was Monochromatic Monday; Tuesday was Tie and Hat Tuesday; Wild West was Wednesday; Thursday was Throwback Thursday; Friday was TEAM Spirit Frida...  Read More »

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