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The Midsummer’s Career by Maddie A.

March 30, 2015

Out of fifty people, exactly twenty-five said yes, they were planning to have a job this summer. ”

— Maddie A.

As the steamy summer approaches, many seventh and eighth graders are having new thoughts on what they are doing this summer. Some, as always, are still planning on heading to the beach and basking in the warm summer sun, while others are taking on newer tasks. Some young adults are starting to take newer steps into the ‘job’ world. And no, I don’t mean completing the simple, assigned household chores such as folding clothing, taking out the trash, or mowing the family lawn. I’m talking about babysitting small children and going out to other people and mowing their lawns.

I took a survey of about fifty random seventh and eighth graders, but I mainly focused on seventh graders due to the fact that this would be most likely the summer that they would start jobs. Out of fifty people, exactly twenty-five said yes, they were planning to have a job this summer. The other half, said no, they were not planning on working this summer.  Why not?  They either just wanted to exercise a free schedule this summer, or they were, unfortunately, just too busy. And yes, there was the lame excuse, “I’m just too lazy.” Many of more zealous pre-teens find that jobs are a new way to profit from common young adult jobs. Some, who recently or already have turned 14, can start real labor jobs. Jillian F., a 14-year-old, will be working at Hannah G’s this summer. She will be busing tables and scurrying around with piles of plates and dirty dishes. Be sure to leave her a big tip if you stop in to eat!

Katie Carter, a 13-year-old girl with a explosive imagination, is taking a different approach to a summer job. “The adults deserve some time without their kids in their hair,” Katie explains. This upcoming summer, she will be doing volunteer work for parents at the Osborne Beach Club.  She is doing this for those who would like to take a breather from the constant work of taking care of their young and also because she loves kids! I mean, who doesn’t? “… And that’s where I come in.”

From the many I interviewed, everyone had their own opinion on jobs this summer. Despite the commonly heard, “I’m too young,” or the “I don’t want to,” many kids seemed interested in finding a way to be productive this summer.


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