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Chow Down at Chido Burrito by Mara B.

May 12, 2015

As soon as the wafting aroma and sizzling of freshly cooking foods strike my nose and drift towards my ears, a smile creeps up onto my face. At Chido Burrito, I am never able to hold back a grin. When anyone says favorite restaurant in 0.584 milliseconds, I will surely reply, “-Chido Burrito”and start getting lost in the thought of having one of their tasty meals. From the wide range of taste bud mesmerizing food,  to the beach- themed decor, to the happy to take your order servers, this place has it all.

For one thing, Chido Burrito has the best Mexican food. I am not kidding when I say that I could eat at Chido Burrito every day for a year and still not have had every delicious thing on the menu. If you want something that is new and different, I recommend the fresh fish tacos. They taste like they were made by Bobby Flay, who if you didn’t know, is a professional chef. My favorite menu choice is by far the Mission-Style Monster burrito. You can pick anything in the varied selection of meats, veggies, rice, beans and more to stuff in your super sized burrito. Personally, I like to put chicken in mine with black beans, brown rice, cheese and some salsa verde on the side. Even the drinks are craveable. The Jarritos soda is a necessity in a proper “Mara-mandated Chido Burrito meal.” Wait! I must be crazy. I haven’t even mentioned the churros! The churros are seriously Heaven packed into one sugary stick of goodness.

The Jarritos soda is a necessity in a proper “Mara-mandated Chido Burrito meal.’”

— Mara B.

In addition to the savory selections, the ambiance is casual and fun. The whole place is filled with colors from head to toe. Surfboards are mounted to the walls and surf videos play on televisions all around. The large windows light up the room making it even more cheerful. There are a lot of places to sit making the lunch rush no problem. My favorite place to sit is under the thatched umbrellas strung up with rope lights. The general feeling when you step into Chido Burrito is laid back and mellow.

Not only is the atmosphere of Chido burrito exceptional, but the staff is as well. The staff at Chido Burrito are always polite and helpful in giving you their recommendations. Their service is consistently snappy so there’s no waiting in lines for hours on end. More importantly, the people who work at Chido Burrito are sure to give you a kind smile that makes you smile right back. If your meal takes longer to make, they will prepare it while you sit and relax for a few minutes. There also never fails to be someone wiping off tables or cleaning spilled sauce off of the self-serve salsa station.  The inside of the restaurant is always spotless.

All in all, from the scrumptious food to the chill ambiance to the cheery staff, Chido Burrito is and will continue to be my favorite restaurant.


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