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Heaven, California Style by Maddie A.

May 13, 2015

I don’t just want your average nearby pizza place pizza; I want your top-quality, jaw-dropping, eye-opening pizza.”

— Maddie A.

Back when I lived in Pennsylvania, I used to love going out to eat. I still do, but now, my taste in food has become more precise, more selective. I don’t just want your average nearby pizza place pizza; I want your top-quality, jaw-dropping, eye-opening pizza. This is where we come to not only my favorite pizza-making-food-eating-place, but my favorite restaurant.  You’re probably expecting some place in New York where the food is super pricey and is always just as good as your neighborhood gas station, but really, this place is just as exciting as NYC’s famous restaurant Per Se. California Pizza Kitchen. This place is my one and only, forever-delicious restaurant.

I love pizza, and pizza loves me. That is why CPK happens to be my favorite restaurant. It also happens to be my mom’s favorite restaurant, as well. CPK has the best pizza, and by the best pizza I mean that mouth-watering, love-at-first-sight pizza! It is so tasty, once you leave it’ll have you begging’ for more! It is so amazing that when I finished, and my sister told me I had pizza stuck in my teeth, I just said I was saving it for later. My favorite menu choice would have to be the Original Buffalo Chicken Pizza! Why? Its so rich in flavor, that when you bite into it, you feel as if you are the buffalo chicken consuming itself. Sorry if that was a bit graphic, but you get the point. Mmm, now I want some of that.  They also have some of the greatest mac n’ cheese, and I don’t even like mac n’ cheese. Like, really.  My mom really loves the thin crust pizza, especially the Roasted Artichoke and Spinach one! She is always grabbing some of that every time we go!

The atmosphere is probably the most welcoming, spicy, greatest-smelling place ever. Like, you feel as if you were walking into Willy Wonka’s Pizza-Styled Factory. But with pizza! When you sit down onto the nice, cushiony couch, you just sink into the seats. I mean, these seats are com-fort-able. I fell asleep one time on those seats; I thought they were my bed, and I had only been sitting for thirty-seconds! But then, your pizza comes! And then you’re like, ‘pizza or seat??’ It’s a hard decision, but I always recommend the pizza. The service, by far, is great! I love it due to the fact that it’s quick, easy, lemon squeasy. Everyone there is super nice, friendly, and great at recommending things they feel you may actually like, not what their bank likes. CPK also has many open places to go, but I recommend heading over to the one at the Cherry Hill Mall!

Being one of five children, the decision where to eat is never always going to be in your favor. Hence the name, California Pizza Kitchen; it is always such a better place to eat rather than fast food chains. I always hate having to eat at fast food places due to many obvious reasons. The term, ‘fast food’, tends to speak for itself. When you order, your food is immediately handed to you. You receive it right away. Chances are, your food has been deep-fried, frozen, deep-fried again, loaded with chemicals, and deep-fried, again. If you happen to know what deep-fried means, you’ll know that something that happens to be deep-fried is not good for you. Unless you’re trying out for a spot on that TLC show, My 600 Pound Life, fast food is never a good thing to eat. I know, you’re hungry, haven’t eaten in a while, wishing for something to munch on, and not looking to spend a ton of money, but why not think twice. Yeah, the food tastes so good, but you will always regret it afterwards. I know some name just popped into your head, and you know it, too. So when I’m on the road or out and about, when I have the option CPK or Harry’s Hamburgers, I will forever choose CPK. CPK executes the healthier option very well, and I cannot lie when I say that. A very common and loved choice there is the Tortilla Soup, which always hits the spot.  If you are looking for something to really get your brain flowing, I recommend the Strawberry Smoothie, which is definitely one of a kind!  The flavor practically jumps out at you.

Not only is CPK’s food incredible, but their service is just incredible! You know when you sit down, and you get the too-happy-fake-smile-and-personality waiter, or the please-just-make-this-quick waiter, chances are your experience at the place you’re eating at will be not as great as it could’ve been. That is where CPK comes in. “Hi, I’m Chelsea and welcome to CPK! I’m glad to be serving you (all) today. What can I get for you to drink?” This is one of my favorite things to hear out of a waitress/waiter, and I’m sure you can agree! CPK offers this, and that is also one of the main reasons I too enjoy CPK. My mother, on the other hand, could probably give another two hundred reasons why you should eat there. Again, nothing is ever too pricey, and never to cheap. You’ve got to remember, cheap does not always equal good, especially those dollar menu items. Those are a big no-no!

The atmosphere and look of CPK is another reason many people love this place. This is not any ordinary pizza place. This is hands down the most gorgeous, modern pizza kitchen out there. When you look up, you see a glossy modern architecturally-stunning ceiling. Who even looks at the ceiling? Yeah, I do. The modern lights hang down gracefully, almost asking you if you’d like to stay with them. I would, as long as the food was included. Then, you look over to the side, and you see the pizza ovens, and immediately take in the wafting smell of fresh pizza, with the steaming taste of tomatoes and perfect cheese.  And to top it off, the warming smell of Red Velvet Cake, which is absolutely fantastic, envelops you.

California Pizza Kitchen is probably one of the best places to go, and I honestly feel like its my kitchen away from home. I feel so comfortable there, and I will always. I cannot wait til I am older, and go there with my children, and say, “I used to eat here when I was younger.” They’ll ask if it was any different from when I was a child, and I’ll hopefully say no. The love I have for this place is greater than my love for most people, and I will never forget going to CPK when I am older.  As a great person whose name escapes me at the moment once said, “The things you love stay with you.” I can agree. The memories and times I have had at CPK are some of the best.  I could not be more grateful.

So next time I am on the road in Pennsylvania or near Cherry Hill, and I spot a CPK, I won’t even have to beg to go there. I’ll sit down and order my favorite thing and/or something new. I can guarantee your will taste buds jump out and scream hallelujah, because their food is heaven; Heaven, California style!

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