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Surfs Up, Strings Up! Hailey B., Tess G., Sophia R., and Ava R.

May 20, 2015

Pro Yo= $6

An Awesome yo-yo for the basics


Ja Ru Metal Yo-Yo = $4

JA  Ru metal yo-yo

JA Ru metal yo-yo




Yo-Yo Jam Classic = $12

An awesome beginner yo-yo!

It also comes in different colors!

A Great beginner to intermediate yo-yo that will come back to your hand.  This yo-yo is great for your first yo-yo!


Duncan Pro Z = $12

A two in one yo-yo you can get an imperial shape, good for beginner tricks  (on right)

Or a butterfly shape, good for intermediate tricks (on left)   A perfect yo-yo to get that will last you a long time!


Duncan Butterfly = $9

Duncan Butterfly

Duncan Butterfly


A perfect beginner yo-yo in all different colors!


Velocity Yo-Yo




Mystery Box =$28


  • 2 yo-yos
  • Strings
  • Extra goodies


Handmade Strings!!

5 strings = $1.50

10 strings = $2.50

15 strings = $3.50

100 strings = $20


The girls will be selling the yo-yo’s on the beach this summer, so be sure to be on the lookout for the yo-yo girls.

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