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The Tale of Medieval Times by Jeffrey C.

February 20, 2015

Image courtesy of Medieval Times

Brian Morton

Image courtesy of Medieval Times

I had the opportunity to talk to Mrs. Styles-Landgraff about the 15th annual Medieval Festival. The fair held was on December 2nd. Mrs. Styles informed me that the tradition of the festival was started way back in 1999 and has been going on for 15 years now. The performances at the festival were graded on creativity, presentation, and the actors memorizing their lines. Students had to write a report about their topic, as well, so even though it was a lot of fun, the Medieval Festival presentations counted as part of our class grade.  Mrs. Styles shared, “The groups had to get everything together on their own; I just showed them how to dress.” I asked Mrs. Styles what she saw from a teachers perspective and she replied, “I saw the kids having fun demonstrating what they learned.” There are some things Mrs. Styles would like to improve upon for next year: “More parent involvement,more hands-on activities for the students, and a better sound system.”

We also experienced incredibly exciting jousts, scintillating sword fights, fantastic falcon training, fun fact trivia contests, and unforgettable horse training exhibitions.”

— Jeffrey C.

One of the many skits was performed by Joey A., Sarah G., and myself, Jeffrey C. We were showcasing different weapons of the Middle Ages and the symptoms of the plague when it first landed in Europe. All of  the weapons and the plague mask were DIY (Do It Yourself). The skit was set in Italy, 1348, and Joey was our faithful plague victim. Sarah performed as a plague doctor as she bloodletted and used leeches to cure Joey of his ailments (Of course, the scalpel, blood, and leach were fake). Other skits included Medieval recipes, hair care for the princesses, joking jesters, children’s games, a fashion show, weaponry, and even a play, “The Sword and the Stone,” the story of King Arthur.

Concluding the festival was the traditional knighting ceremony in which ten squires were dubbed knights. Some of the students knighted included Kia T., David C., and Max C., who now holds the highest record for earning chivalry points at Tighe. To be knighted they had to earn chivalry points. They were given out by the girls of the seventh grade and the teachers of Tighe. The knighting was an exciting honor, but so was Madison B. being awarded the “Joan of Arc” award, an especially remarkable achievement!

To top off the study of Medieval history, there also was a wonderful class trip to “Medieval Times: Dinner & Tournament.”  Mrs. Styles looked forward to how we students would react to eating our chicken and corn on the cob without any utensils. However, we did just fine because the 7th graders are tuff and tough, right guys? (7th grade inside joke from The Outsiders) We also experienced incredibly exciting jousts, scintillating sword fights, fantastic falcon training, fun fact trivia contests, and unforgettable horse training exhibitions.

After the introduction of the king, queen, and princess narrators, they introduced their prized white horse. She was radiating with beauty as blue lights and a smoke machine circled her, prancing and proud. They later explained the lengths that the Medieval Times Company go to in order to take the best care of their horses. The horses get one vet visit a week and also receive weekly changes of their horseshoes. They are fed a kingly and balanced diet, and at the golden age of seven or eight, they retire to an open field in Texas. All horses are treated like royalty there.

In closing, our Medieval Times experiences were worth a lifetime and will truly be something we always remember. From my perspective, the thrill of going to battle with Joey during the festival was exhilarating; albeit fake, it felt so realistic. To see white stallions and mares  prance under the lights and the soldiers pull feats only known to fairy tales was soul-lifting. The whole week seemed to be magically enchanted. This is Jeffrey C., and this is my tale of Medieval Times.

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